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Aliera HealthcareQuality Healthcare At a Price You Can Afford
After months of reviewing the various cost sharing programs, we finally found a program that can help healthier people without health insurance or who can no longer afford health insurance.   These plans are typically 40 to 50% less expensive than ACA Bronze plans.  

Aliera Healthcare, in partnership with Trinity HealthShare, Inc offers Health Sharing Ministry Plans

Trinity HealthShare covers major services like hospitalization, emergency services and surgery, while Aliera Healthcare handles the first dollar services like doctor visits, preventative care, labs, etc.  Aliera Healthcare has been in business since 2011 and their AlieraCare product provides a single unified interface for its members.

AlieraCare provides:

  • Coverage for doctor visits, labs, imaging, hospitalization, surgery, etc
  • Excellent preventative care and first dollar benefits
  • National PHCS MultiPlan PPO network with 1 million in-network providers
  • Direct payments to providers from escrow account
  • Outstanding member services and online tools
  • Open to people of all faiths (no letter from a Pastor required)
  • Coverage is guaranteed issue with waiting periods for pre-existing conditions
  • No medical exams or complex applications

It’s important to understand that these plans are not health insurance, but they are the closest thing we’ve found.  While AlieraCare works well for many healthy people, if you are taking heart medications, have had cancer or have other serious health issues, you should stick with an ACA compliant health insurance plan, if at all possible.

Convenient Personal Care
Every plan from Aliera includes Telemedicine Services providing the convenience of accessing a doctor 24/7/365, which means less time waiting in doctor’s offices and away from work.  About 80% of the time they can resolve the issue on the phone and can call in a prescription to your local pharmacy. Otherwise, you can call Aliera’s concierge line and they’ll make an appointment for with a local in-network doctor.

Quality Care
AlieraCare’s innovative coordinated care approach with a national PPO network that gives access to over one million in-network providers across America.  Click here to look up PHCS Multiplan PPO providers.  AlieraCare’s plans include first dollar benefits for regular doctor visits and preventative care, as well as coverage for surgery, emergencies and hospitalization.

Application Link & Time Saving Enrollment Tips 

  • Click HERE To Securely Apply Online For AlieraCare  That specially encoded link will automatically identify Susan Reade as your Agent. Select the desired AlieraCare Premium plan and click the “Enroll Now” button.
  • We suggest the “Premium” AlieraCare plan with the $5000 MSRA for most clients, as that option provides $500,000 per incident coverage and it starts paying for 100% of covered costs after the $5000 MSRA for each family member.
  • List the oldest member in the family first the primary and be sure to select whether it’s individual, + 1 dependent or for family for both Aliera and Trinity HealthShare, Inc. Then click the “Recalculate button at the bottom to update the premium.  You may e-sign the application via email or text.
  • You may enroll any time of the year, so no open enrollment limitations apply. Enroll by the 15th for coverage to begin the 1st of the following month.

AlieraCare Plan Documents

Have a question? Click here for Susan’s personal assistance with AlieraCare.

AlieraCare is guarantee issue, so they do not decline people based on health and they have a simple online application.  However, to keep prices down for new and existing members there are limitations and waiting periods for pre-existing conditions.

Healthshare plans are not offered by insurance companies, but rather by recognized Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs).  Because these plans are not insurance, they do not fall under state and federal regulations governing health insurance. Members of HCSMs pay a monthly contribution which goes into an escrow account, and it is that money that is used to pay qualified medical needs.