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Lumenos Health Savings Account – HSA – Health Insurance Plans by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield introduced an innovative and affordable health insurance product with the Colorado launch of their Lumenos plans.

The Lumenos HSA was the first full-service, FDIC-insured Health Savings Account product available. It gives you an account, called a Health Savings Account, which you can use to pay for your routine medical care. The HSA is funded by your pre-tax contributions. The HSA plan includes a Traditional Health Coverage (PPO) component, similar to a typical health plan, which protects you against large expenses.

How the Lumenos HSA plan works:

First, pay for routine care from your HSA. Use available dollars in your account to pay 100% of the cost for routine medical care, like office visits, tests and prescriptions. You can make the most of your dollars by visiting Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO providers offering discounts to Lumenos customers.

Use the plan’s Traditional Health Coverage when you need it. The Traditional Health Coverage part of the plan pays a percentage of covered expenses after you satisfy a specified out-of-pocket expense. You’ll receive the highest level of coverage if you use any of the more than 400,000 doctors and 50,000 hospitals nationwide that offer Lumenos discounts. If you reach the plan’s annual out-of-pocket limit, all remaining covered expenses for the year are fully covered.

Preventive care is covered, too. The HSA plan covers 100% of nationally recommended preventive services — with no HSA deductions or other out-of-pocket costs to you for all covered services.

Advantages of the Lumenos HSA Plan:

  • Enjoy tax savings. The dollars you contribute to your HSA are pre-tax dollars, so you lower your taxes while paying for covered medical services.
  • Save dollars you don’t use this year and use them to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses you might have in future years — even in retirement.
  • Take it with you. The money is yours — take your unused balances when you retire or leave your employer.
  • Security. Lumenos HSA accounts are FDIC insured.

Lumenos HSA Product Literature

Securely apply online with Anthem:
  • Apply Online (credit card required for initial month’s premium payment): This is the easiest and fastest way to apply. Click here to apply online

* Best Price Guarantee:  Because health insurance rates are filed with and regulated by the Colorado Division of Insurance, you won’t find the plans we sell offered for less anywhere else. If you buy from Colorado Health Insurance Brokers, another agent or directly from the health insurance company, you’ll pay the same monthly premium for the same plan.