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Health Insurance Benefits For Colorado BusinessesBusiness insurance plans can be established all year long, so it’s never to early or late to shop for new health insurance for your company. Whether you want to shop your existing employer sponsored group health insurance plan or set up a brand new plan, shopping for group health insurance coverage has never been easier.

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers serves businesses across Colorado placing group health insurance with all major carriers, including Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, UnitedHealthcare and more.

Below Market Pricing for Select Groups
The Affordable Care Act requires that small groups (2-99 employees) be priced according to “community rating”, i.e. standard pricing according to demographics with no discounts for healthier groups. However, there are exceptions that allow companies access to high quality benefits that often have better rates than traditional ACA plans. Get a Free Quote Now.

Be confident you are getting the best value with group health insurance quotes available from leading group health insurance carriers in Colorado. Get a FREE Group Health Insurance Quote

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers are experienced professionals in the group health insurance field committed to helping you find the best value on employer sponsored group health insurance benefits. Your business will save time and money while enjoying outstanding personal service that will help keep you and your employees happy and productive.

  • Reduce Costs and Enhance Your Company’s Competitive Edge
  • Experience greater retention of your best people
  • Attract and retain high quality employees
  • Reduce hiring and training costs
  • Guarantee issue regardless of health issues

Follow the link to get a FREE Group Health Insurance Quote online or call Colorado Health Insurance Brokers at 303.456.7967 or 800.416.4481.

Basic Requirements
To qualify for a group insurance plans, your organization must:

  • Have at least two employees (at 30+ hours per week), with one of the employees having no ownership interest. Please note that a married couple does not qualify as a group, in itself.
  • Pay at least $125/month for enrolled employees or a percentage of premium.
  • Be domiciled in Colorado.
  • Management carve outs are available from select carriers.

If you are self employed and looking for information on “Group of One” coverage please visit our Self Employed Health Insurance page for more information.

Now is the time for your company to get a FREE Group Health Insurance Quote online or call Colorado Health Insurance Brokers at 303.456.7967 or 800.416.4481.

*Best Price Guarantee – Small group (2-49 Employees) ACA compliant health insurance premiums are filed with and regulated by the Colorado Division of Insurance. If you get your traditional ACA small group plan through Colorado Health Insurance Brokers, through another agent/broker or directly from the health insurance company, you’ll pay the same monthly premium for the same plan.  Enjoy the convenience and personal service of getting a health insurance plan through Colorado Health Insurance Brokers and rest assured that you’re getting the best available price.