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Cigna 2017 Health Insurance Plans for Colorado

Cigna Plans for Individuals, Families and the Self-Employed in Colorado:

Cigna is one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies. For 2017, Cigna has Gold, Silver and Bronze ObamaCare compliant plans available with a variety of deductibles and 2 different EPO networks to choose from.

Cigna of Colorado – 2017 Plan Documents

Click here to look up Cigna Connect network providers or here to view Cigna’s 5 Tier presciption drug formulary.

Cigna’s Connect EPO plans use a statewide Connect network with emergency only coverage outside Colorado and out of network within Colorado.

Cigna’s Vantage EPO plans use the Local Plus network in Metro-Denver, Colorado and there are no requirements to choose a primary care physician and no referrals are needed to see a specialist. When traveling outside of the primary service area you can use Cigna’s national Open Access Plus (OAP) PPO network and receive in-network benefits, as per the policy


How to Apply for Cigna Health Insurance in Colorado

  • Online Application (credit card or electronic bank draft required for initial month’s premium payment) Click here to get an online quote and securely apply online.
* Best Price Guarantee: Because health insurance rates are filed with and regulated by the Colorado Division of Insurance, you won’t find the plans we sell offered for less anywhere else. If you get your health insurance through Colorado Health Insurance Brokers, through another agent/broker, or directly from Colorado’s insurance exchange or the insurance carrier, you’ll pay the same monthly premium for the same plan, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best available price.