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ABC’s of Medicare

ABC's of MedicareMedicare doesn’t have to be complicated. Most people have Medicare Part A & Part B, unless they or a spouse are still working and are covered by an employer sponsored group plan.

  • Medicare Part A – Hospital Insurance (free for most people)
  • Medicare Part B – Outpatient Insurance (monthly cost for most people)

Most people then choose either a Medicare Part C plan with an embedded Medicare Part D plan or they a Medicare Supplement in conjunction with a Medicare Part D plan.

  • Medicare Part C – Medicare Part C, better known as Medicare Advantage plans, are heavily marketed by private insurance company insurance with premiums from $0 and up. Purchased in addition to Medicare Part’s A & C. Out of pocket maximums typically range from $3500 to $7500 or more. Many, but not all Medicare Advantage plans include Part D benefits.
  • Medicare Part D Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage for retail and mail order medications through private insurance companies. Medicare Part D is often, but always included in Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage plans.
  •  Medicare Supplements – Standardized plans layered on top of Original Medicare Part’s A & B to give you access to all providers nationally who take Medicare. Plan G is the most common and comprehensive Medicare Supplement option currently available to new enrollees. Often called Medigap plans, Medicare Supplements cover much of what is not covered by Original Medicare, but do not include Medicare Part D.

Please note that you can have Medicare Advantage OR a Medicare Supplement, but not both at the same time.  Visit the Medicare Supplement Vs. Medicare Advantage Decision Guide.

Want to know when you can enroll or change plans? Learn more about Medicare Enrollment Periods.

Or make it easy and let a licensed Broker help you better understand your options. Get personalized help applying for Medicare and information on your Medicare options.