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Guaranteed Lowest Rates on Health Insurance in ColoradoColorado Health Insurance Brokers is the premier resource for personal service, health insurance quotes and side by side benefit comparisons of the most popular individual and family plans from Colorado’s top health insurance companies.

For companies with 2 or more employees, business health insurance is very competitively priced, so work with one of our business health insurance experts to help you find the best plan for your company’s and employees’ needs. Colorado Health Insurance Brokers places business for all of Colorado’s major health insurance carriers and at NO EXTRA Cost whether your company has 2 to 99 employees.

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For your traditional health insurance needs, Colorado Health Insurance Brokers are certified producers of Connect for Health Colorado and our experienced local agents will help you find the ACA compliant health insurance plan that’s right for you.  And there is absolutely no charge or mark up for our services.

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers works with every major health insurance company in Colorado providing you with more local carriers and plan options than e-healthinsurance!

Colorado Health Insurance CompaniesView instant online quotes or fill out a free expert quote recommendation request and Colorado Health Insurance Brokers will personally review plans from Colorado’s top rated health insurance carriers like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bright Health, Cigna, Friday Health, Kaiser, Oscar, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, United Healthcare and more.  We’ll work to help you find the right plan at the guaranteed best price.

Our services are provided at NO COST or mark up to our clients, so Colorado Health Insurance Brokers Saves You Time AND Money!  We can help you during the next open enrollment season or get coverage with a qualifying event during a special enrollment period.

Health Insurance Solutions for Individuals, Families & Small Businesses
It is our personal service and understanding of the Colorado health insurance market that our hundreds of satisfied customers value most. Whether you are a small business owner wanting to set up an employer sponsored group health insurance plan or an individual wanting to get coverage for yourself or your family, we want to learn about your personal situation and your likes and dislikes so we can help you find the exact right plan, as well as any tax subsidies you might be eligible for.

Right Now is a Great Time to Shop and Save
Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare), health insurers must insure everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions and most Americans are still required by law to have health insurance or be subject to escalating tax penalties.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority
Colorado Health Insurance Brokers are independent local brokers which means that making YOU happy is our only objective.  Get an instant quote or allow us to research your options and email you a custom personalized quote, so you can review your health insurance quotes at your convenience. Or give us a call for a free Colorado health insurance quote: (303) 456-7967 or toll free at (800) 416-4481 and ask about our guarantee details.

Colorado Public Option for Health InsuranceDecember 3rd, 2019 – Colorado has a new proposed “public option” which is a public health insurance option that potentially could provide another option for people who buy their own health insurance, as early as 2022.

Colorado regulators produced a proposal that is several hundred pages long and officials say its impact on Colorado’s health care system would be substantial.

The state will set hospital prices based upon a number of factors, such as whether the hospital is in a major metro area or rural area, if it’s independent or part of a hospital system and if it mainly serves lower or higher income people.

What do hospitals think of this?  The Colorado Hospital Association’s Executive Vice President Chris Tholen stated that “by opening this public option to all Coloradans, there is the potential to significantly damage the health insurance market in our state.”

The proposal intends to increase offerings in Colorado’s counties where there is only a single insurer. It appears that all insurance companies selling insurance in the individual market would be required to participate in the new program. While Colorado has good competition in the Front Range, could the public option cause insurance companies to pull out of Colorado, leaving Front Range consumers with reduced competition, which could lead to higher prices?

While the proposal compels hospitals to participate, it does not require that private practice doctors accept the public option insurance. If the reimbursement rates to providers are not competitive, the public plan networks may not attract the busiest (and often best) doctors.

To be fair, the plan was meant to be a starting point, to be interpreted and fine tuned during upcoming legislative sessions. Time will tell if Colorado legislators will get behind this proposal, especially since it’s an election year.