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Guaranteed Lowest Rates on Health Insurance in ColoradoColorado Health Insurance Brokers is the premier resource for personal service, health insurance quotes and side by side benefit comparisons of the most popular individual and family plans from Colorado’s top health insurance companies.

For companies with 2 or more employees, business health insurance is very competitively priced, so work with one of our business health insurance experts to help you find the best plan for your company’s and employees’ needs. Colorado Health Insurance Brokers places business for all of Colorado’s major health insurance carriers and at NO EXTRA Cost whether your company has 2 to 99 employees.

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers are certified producers of Connect for Health Colorado and our experienced agents can help individuals and families find the ACA compliant health insurance plan that’s right for their individual needs.  And there is absolutely no charge or mark up for our services.

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers works with every major health insurance company in Colorado providing you with more local carriers and plan options than e-healthinsurance!

Colorado Health Insurance Companies 2021View instant online quotes or fill out a free expert quote recommendation request and Colorado Health Insurance Brokers will personally review plans from Colorado’s top rated health insurance carriers like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bright Healthcare, Cigna, Friday Health, Kaiser, Oscar, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, United Healthcare and more.  We’ll work to help you find the right plan at the guaranteed best price.

Our services are provided at NO COST or mark up to our clients, so Colorado Health Insurance Brokers Saves You Time AND Money!  We can help you during the next open enrollment season or get coverage with a qualifying event during a special enrollment period.

Health Insurance Solutions for Individuals, Families & Small Businesses
It is our personal service and understanding of the Colorado health insurance market that our hundreds of satisfied customers value most. Whether you are a small business owner wanting to set up an employer sponsored group health insurance plan or an individual wanting to get coverage for yourself or your family, we want to learn about your personal situation and your likes and dislikes so we can help you find the exact right plan, as well as any tax subsidies you might be eligible for.

Right Now is a Great Time to Shop and Save
Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare), health insurers must insure everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions and most Americans are still required by law to have health insurance or be subject to escalating tax penalties.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority
Colorado Health Insurance Brokers are independent local brokers which means that making YOU happy is our only objective.  Get an instant quote or allow us to research your options and email you a custom personalized quote, so you can review your health insurance quotes at your convenience. Or give us a call for a free Colorado health insurance quote: (303) 456-7967 or toll free at (800) 416-4481 and ask about our guarantee details.

Covid-19 rapid antigen home testing kit

January 18th, 2022 – With the surge in Omnicron cases, COVID testing is become part of daily life for many people across Colorado.  As of today, you can order 4 free rapid COVID tests per household, by visiting www.covidtests.gov.

I just ordered some for my household and it took 2 minutes.  No credit card is required and they just ask for name and mailing address and then they’re to ship your free rapid tests to you in 7-10 days. USPS will ship one order with 4 individual rapid antigen COVID-19 tests per residential address.  There are 500 million tests currently available, so you may want to request yours as soon as you can.

The Biden administration said starting January 15th that insurers are required to cover the cost of rapid home COVID tests for their customers and it is to continue until the public health emergency ends.  This only applies only to people who are covered by individual and group health insurance policies, but not to people enrolled in Health First Colorado, Medicare or other public programs.

Insurance companies are required to pay for up to eight tests per covered person per month.   If you need any more then you’ll be out of pocket for those excess tests.  Also, insurers only have to cover tests needed for personal use, but not those required by an employer.

Note that insurance companies will be making arrangements with preferred pharmacies and stores, so check with your insurance company to see if they suggest a particular retailer.  At some point insurance companies will be able to limit reimbursements for out-of-network purchases to $12 per test or the actual cost, whichever is lower.

Alternatively, insurance companies are still supposed to cover the full costs of COVID tests administered at COVID Testing Centers, pharmacies, clinics, urgent care and other healthcare facilities, if you are symptomatic, have been exposed to COVID or are getting ready to travel.  Otherwise, you can expect to be 100% out of pocket for those testing costs.

At home antigen tests generally cost between $8 and $40 per individual test and are often sold in two packs. PCR tests generally run $75 per individual test.  I recently paid $80 for a PCR test at a COVID testing center, but I can submit a claim to my insurance company for reimbursement.

If you’re not able to find an at home test, you to can visit the HHS website to find a testing site near you.  Some tests will give fast results like the at home antigen rapid tests, while others are the more accurate PCR tests that generally take 1-3 days.  However, with spikes in COVID the processing times for PCR tests may take substantially longer.  Read more about the differences in accuracy between antigen and PCR tests.