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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado Health Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado

Colorado’s largest health insurer, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers affordable options for individuals, families, and the self-employed.

Choose from 6 plans that provide industry leading value and savings:

  1. Lumenos HSA – Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified high deductible health insurance plan with excellent preventative care.  You fund the optional tax free Health Savings Account to help pay for medical expenses and prescriptions and to save for the future.  Unspent money rolls over for future use.
  2. Premier – Comprehensive coverage with unlimited $30 copays for most doctor visits, generic and brand name prescription copays, vision copays,  choice of deductibles and 75/25 coinsurance.
  3. SmartSense –  Features copays for your first three doctor visits, a choice of prescription drug plans that cover generic only or brand name and generic coverage and low monthly premiums. 
  4. ClearProtection – Includes two copays for doctor visits, generic drug coverage and brand name drug coverage after meeting a $7500 prescription drug deductible.
  5. CoreShare – For a simple plan design with some of our lowest rates, CoreShare offers a vast range of deductibles (from $750 – $25,000) and higher cost-sharing helps lower your monthly premiums.
  6. Tonik – Plans geared towards the young, healthy and in shape with coverage to help protect against the unexpected.  Plans included limited doctor copays and generic prescription coverage. Deductibles range from $1500 to $5000 with 100/0 coinsurance.

Get a Free Quote!   Fast, Easy and Online:

  1. Know what plan you want?  Select “Apply Online Now” to begin your secure online application with Anthem.
  2. Want to look at more options? Get instant online quotes for Anthem and all of Colorado’s leading insurers. 

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s PPO network in Colorado has over 9,700 providers, along with 70 hospitals. Plus, Anthem is the only health insurance company in Colorado that offers network access in all 50 states through the BlueCard program. The BlueCard network includes 90 percent of all doctors and 80 percent of all hospitals. It also includes providers worldwide, so you can be protected nearly wherever you go.

* Best Price Guarantee:  Because health insurance rates are filed with and regulated by the Colorado Division of Insurance, you won’t find the plans we sell offered for less anywhere else. If you buy from Colorado Health Insurance Brokers, another agent or directly from the health insurance company, you’ll pay the same monthly premium for the same plan.