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New Federal Tax Credit and State Program Eligibility Charts for 2020 Released

October 2nd, 2019 – Today, the new 2020 charts for eligibility for both federal tax credits and for Colorado state programs like Health First Colorado and CHP+ were released.

Use the chart below to see if you’re eligible for Health First Colorado or CHP+. If your family’s monthly gross income is above the levels in step 2, then go to step 3 below and use your family’s estimated income for 2020 to see if you’re eligible for federal tax credits.

Get free professional assistance and quotes on all the plans both through Connect for Health Colorado and directly from insurance carriers.

Note that even if you do not qualify for financial help, you can still purchase a Qualified Health Plan (QHP), which is simply an Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance plan.  Advance Premium Tax Credits are not available to people eligible for Medicaid or Medicare or who have affordable coverage through an employer.