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Welcome to the 2020 Open Enrollment Period

November 1st, 2019 – Open enrollment for 2020 re-opened on November 1st and will close in Colorado on January 15th.

As it stands now, any plan changes or new enrollments should be completed by December 15th to ensure a January 1st start date. Enrollments from December 16th through January 15th will have a February 1st start date.

Next year’s health insurance rates actually dropped an average of 20% compared to the the current year and we have all the same carriers continuing to offer health insurance next year, plus a new insurance company called Oscar. Some plans will be discontinued and carriers will be mailing notices to people with discontinued plans, as well as notices of the rate hikes.

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers works with all the top health insurance carriers and our Agents are all certified with Connect for Health Colorado, so they can help you get coverage either directly with the insurance company or through Connect for Health Colorado.  Either way, we’re happy to help you shop for the different health insurance plan options, so you can take advantage of the new lower rates for 2020. 

Our services are provided at NO COST or mark up to our clients.  Select the desired coverage type below: