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42% of Coloradans Lose Coverage After Medicaid Redeterminations

July 7th, 2023 – The Denver Post reported that of the 120,000 Coloradans whose Medicaid eligibility was redetermined in May, 42% are no longer eligible for Medicaid (Health First Colorado). Most will either need to get coverage through an employer or get individual coverage.

325,000 people in Colorado are expected to lose coverage through 2023, as the Medicaid redeterminations continue month by month for the remainder of the year.

Previously, Medicaid redeterminations had been frozen since the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency began in early 2020. However, when the Public Health Emergency finally ended on May 11th, 2023, people need to re-qualify for Medicaid benefits.

26% of people are losing coverage simply because they didn’t return the paperwork, as required.  The Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing did a huge outreach program, sending postal mail, email and text messages.  They believe they successfully reached about 37,000 households so far.

Coloradans with Medicaid or CHP+ are urged to make sure their mailing address, phone number and email address is all current in the PEAK system. They can update their mailing address, email and phone numbers and sign up for electronic notifications by visiting CO.gov/PEAK.  Renewal packets will go out 60 days prior to the renewal date.  If they don’t respond, then they will be disenrolled from Medicaid.

There is another important deadline that should not be missed.  The involuntary loss of Medicaid is a Qualifying Event that can trigger a 31 day special enrollment period if their company offers health insurance or a 60 day special enrollment period if they get their own heath insurance.

Most people in Colorado who lose Medicaid coverage are eligible for subsidized health insurance through the marketplace, but their eligibility is very time sensitive.  If you or a loved one is losing Medicaid coverage, Colorado Health Insurance Brokers will help them get subsidized private health insurance through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace at no extra cost or markup.

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