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New Carrier – Aetna

I’m please to report that we are adding Aetna to our portfolio of products effective today. They are a huge national carrier that are new to the Colorado individual health insurance market, but well established in Colorado’s group health insurance market. Colorado Health Insurance Brokers welcomes Aetna! Signed, Mark Erickson, Denver, Colorado Health Insurance Agent for Colorado Health Insurance Brokers.

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  • Michael Cullin January 1, 2012, 6:33 am

    I am a Lower Merion Police officer( outside of Philadelphia Pa) I am currently insured through Aetna. I am retiring as of Jan. 2 and was originally told that I would have my medical coverage continue. Now since I am moving to Colorado( Pueblo West) they are telling me that the Aetna policy can not be tranferred or picked up in Colorado. I have coverage until Feb. 2. I have been on line checking all sorts of health insurances when my wife suggested researching Aetna Brokers. Thats how I came across your website. I”d greatly appreciate any information you could send me. Mike

    • Mark Erickson January 1, 2012, 11:46 am

      Hi Mike, We’re closed today and Monday for New Year, but Scott Crist will be contacting you via email to see if he can help. You’re also welcome to give him a call at (303) 948-2244 or (866) 488-1339.

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