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Colorado Universal Health Care Bill Pulled

April 15th, 2009 – Today, Colorado House Representative John Kefalas of Fort Collins announced he was withdrawing House Bill 1273 from the current legislative session.

Even after heavy lobbying by Rep. Kefalas, HB 1273 lacked the votes to stand any serious chance of being approved. If it had been approved it would have faced additional challenges as Colorado State Governor Bill Ritter opposed the bill.

The Colorado Guaranteed Health Care Act would have created a health-care authority to develop a single-payer system providing benefits to all who qualify.

Opponents to the bill said it would create a Canadian style system of health care where services could be rationed. Popular sentiment seemed to lean towards the desire to wait and see what happens with health care reform at the Federal level before attempting to radically overhaul the Colorado health insurance and services system.

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