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Colorado’s Pandemic Special Enrollment Period Ends August 15th

August 10th, 2021 – Coloradan’s who need to get new personal health insurance or who wish to change plans have only until Sunday, August 15th to do so.

August 15th mark’s the end of Colorado’s Special Enrollment Period, which was extended by the federal American Rescue Plan law.

Through August 15th, individuals and families in Colorado can enroll in new health insurance coverage, often at reduced premiums, through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace.  New enrollments will be for plans with a September 1st, 2021 start date.

After August 15th, Coloradans will need to have a Qualifying Event for a Special Enrollment Period to get new health insurance coverage.  Qualifying events that trigger a Special Enrollment Period most commonly include things like losing group health insurance benefits, getting married, having a baby, moving from out of state to Colorado and more.

Otherwise, after August 15th, Coloradans with no Qualifying Event for a Special Enrollment Period will have to wait until Open Enrollment re-opens in November for plans with a January 1st, 2022 start date.

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