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Connect for Health Colorado Plans Big Improvements for 2019

Connect for Health Colorado Plans Big Improvements for 2019March 1st, 2018 – Connect for Health Colorado received approval from it’s board to develop a new streamlined process to make it easier for Coloradans get Advance Premium Tax Credits to reduce the cost of their health insurance.  The new system will ask just a few screening questions using easy to understand language to make it faster and easier for more people to get tax credits they’re eligible for.

The new system is expected to be live in time for the 2019 open enrollment period next Fall.  The project is estimated to cost nearly $4.5 million.

The new system will bypass the cumbersome and often troublesome PEAK application process used in previous years.   Connect for Health Colorado’s new system promises to provide near real time eligibility determinations for both Advance Premium Tax Credits and Cost Sharing Reductions.

Connect for Health Colorado will continue to support Health First Colorado (Medicaid) enrollments and ensure that customers are routed to the right program, whether they begin at Connect for Health Colorado or with the PEAK application.

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