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Daschle Top Pic for Health Czar

It is official. President-elect Barack Obama is naming former South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle as his Secretary of Heath and Human Services. The goal is somewhat daunting; to secure “affordable, accessible health care for every single American.”

To Obama’s credit he said that even in the midst of our current economic emergency that “This is part of the emergency.” I couldn’t agree more and hope that Daschle will be up to the job and will balance out the outstanding health care that we have in this country will more reasonable health insurance coverage costs and a mandate that all Americans will have health insurance coverage.

We need to find a solution for affordable health insurance for all and regardless of pre-existing condtions that combine the best that free markets offer under the watchful eye of government to make sure that costs are kept in check and that all the involved parties serve the greater public good. After all, they do call this health services so let’s not forget why we got into this business; to help people!

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