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Government’s Increasing Role in the War on Obesity in America

May 18th, 2012 – While Colorado is one of the leanest states in America, the social costs associated with obesity in America are staggering.  A new report says that ” The human toll of obesity-related chronic disease and disability, and an annual cost of $190.2 billion for treating obesity-related illness, underscore the urgent need to strengthen prevention efforts in the United States.”

The number of obese Americans is expected to continue to grow, rising from 36% of the adult population today to 42% by 2030, according to the report by the nonprofit health arm of the National Academy of Sciences.

Food is a highly personal choice and some people concerned about the government turning into a “nanny state” if it were to implement the recommendations including:

  • Banning sugary drinks and junk food at schools
  • Monitoring how much weight pregnant women gain
  • Requiring child-care facilities to make sure young wards stay active
  • Restricting the types of foods that can be marketed to children
  • Putting the boss in charge of watching a workers’ bottom line
  • Guiding communities to add sidewalks to encourage walking, running and biking.

Source: Obesity vs. ‘nanny state’? Recommendations lead to backlash

Leave a comment below to let us know what YOU think?  Should the government get involved with these types of personal choices that have an effect on society, as well as people’s’ individual health?

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