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Making Your Company A Talent Magnet

May 11th, 2023 – It comes as no surprise to Colorado business leaders that recruiting quality employees is one of the biggest challenges they face. The triple threat of baby boomers retiring, declining birth rates and an expanding economy guarantee these challenges will only increase over time.

In the past, employers tried to recruit employees who possessed specific skill sets needed for jobs that needed filling. While ideally that is still desirable, the reality is that with labor shortages and job requirements constantly changing, it’s harder than ever to find an employee with all the skills needed… and who is available.

At the same time, due to labor shortages, fewer employees are being tasked with more work and with a broader of tasks than ever before.

“Work has become physically easier, but psychologically more difficult.” – Steven Hunt, Ph.D. , Author of Talent Tectonics

Because of technology’s influence on how employees do their jobs and what job responsibilities are, it is becoming less important that employees know how to do a few narrowly defined tasks, and more important that they possess the capacity to learn and perform an ever-changing broad array of tasks.

Of course, companies still want employees who are productive. However, according to Steven Hunt, Ph.D. and author of Talent Tectonics, businesses must also take into account that employees are happiest when they are learning new skills, provided they work in a company that values and supports employee development.

When employees feel valued and supported and they can see their talents growing, that bodes well for their employers being able to retain those employees.

Fortunately, technology has evolved where much learning is done online, which has reduced the costs substantially. Colorado Health Insurance Brokers provides a Learning Management System (LMS) to clients at no cost, to help them facilitate their employees’ personal development, so they can better attract, retain and develop their company’s human capital and talent.

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