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Medical Marijuana and Health Insurance in Colorado

January 29th, 2010 – Don’t let this happen to you.  A client applies for health insurance and gets declined.

Why, he asked?  Upon doing some research we learned that he was declined for a few specific medical conditions.  When we told the client this he responded, “That’s what I told the doctor so I could get a license for medical marijuana.

Of course, we never condone being dishonest with a health professional, but the other moral of the story is to be sure you have health insurance BEFORE going to the doctor to get a license for medical marijuana.  Otherwise, once you get that license you may become uninsurable.

On a related note, many clients are surprised when they are declined after they disclose marijuana use on the application.  Fortunately, there are some health insurance companies in Colorado that will approve you with marijuana use of 4 times a month or less.

Request a quote and be sure to mention on the form if you have occasional marijuana use so we can direct you to the best carrier.

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