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New Emergency Enrollment Period Helps Uninsured Coloradans Get Health Insurance Again

New Emergency Enrollment Period Helps Uninsured Get Health Insurance Again

February 8th, 2021 – Effective today, the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace and Colorado’s individual health insurance carriers opened an emergency Uninsured Enrollment Period for uninsured Coloradans that is to end May 15th.

The Uninsured Enrollment Period in Colorado was spawned by President Biden’s Executive Order requiring the reopening of federal marketplace due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Colorado’s Uninsured Enrollment Period is longer than the federal marketplace’s. 

Uninsured Coloradans can get health insurance plans from private insurance companies like Anthem, Cigna, Bright Health, Friday Health, Kaiser, UnitedHealthcare and more. Through Connect for Health Colorado, uninsured Coloradans can also get any tax credits they are eligible for that can reduce monthly health insurance premiums. 

Connect for Health Colorado said that effective dates will be granted for the first of the month following enrollment, so if you enroll in February, you can get a March 1st start date on new health insurance.  It appears the same effective date rules will apply for carrier direct enrollments. 

Colorado Division of Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway said, “I am encouraged to see President Biden and his administration take action on this front, acknowledging the fact that so many remain without health insurance due to the continued impact of COVID-19. The Division of Insurance will work with Connect for Health Colorado to make sure this additional enrollment period works to help Coloradans get covered.

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers works with all the top health insurance carriers and our Agents are all certified with Connect for Health Colorado, so they can help you get coverage either directly with the insurance company or through Connect for Health Colorado.  Either way, we’re happy to help you shop for the different health insurance plan options, to help you get the best value on your health insurance in the new year. 

Our services are provided at NO COST or mark up to our clients.  Select the desired coverage type below:


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