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Open Enrollment Re-Opened For Many Coloradans

Open Enrollment Re-Opened For Many Coloradans

February 1st, 2022 – On January 15th open enrollment for individual and family health insurance briefly closed, but was quickly reopened through March 16th and beyond, depending on your personal circumstances.

Coloradans can open enroll (without proof of qualification) through March 16th for anyone impacted by Colorado wildfires or “impacted” by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connect for Health Colorado has said that consumers will not be asked by health insurance carriers to provide documentation to verify eligibility if consumers self-attest that their enrollment reason is “Will lose/lost health insurance, was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, was impacted by Colorado wildfires, or my household’s annual income meets special requirements.”

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers can help people across Colorado get coverage for those reasons through March 16th. Colorado Health Insurance Brokers’ Agents are all certified by the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace and our services are available at absolutely no extra cost to you.  Get a quote and your 2022 federal tax credit estimate for health insurance coverage in Colorado.

Also new for 2022, for Coloradan’s with income up to 150% of the Federal Poverty Level open enrollment will remain open for the rest of the year.  The yellow column in the chart below shows the maximum incomes by size of household. As an example a single person with annual income up to $19,320 can enroll year around in 2022, as can a family of 4 with combined household income up to $39,750.

Income Chart for 150% of Federal Poverty Level

Those whose incomes are too high to qualify for Health First Colorado, but below the ranges indicated in the yellow column of the chart above, should qualify for large federal tax credits to make their health insurance affordable (often with plan options with $0/month premiums), and cost sharing reductions to reduce out of pocket expenses.  Get a no obligation health insurance quote today and let us show you all your individual and family plan options.

This year-around open enrollment is not available to those enrolled in Health First Colorado, Medicare or “affordable” employer provided health insurance that meets the minimum value.

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