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Is that Low Premium a Bargain…Or Not?

I was reading about a new study by our friends at eHealthInsurance that said their average monthly premium was $158 for an average deductible of about $2000 for a single person or $356 a month for a family with a $2600 deductible. Interesting!!

While eHealthInsurance only has a fraction of the local Colorado carriers that Colorado Health Insurance Brokers represents this illustrates that eHealthInsurance is:

Successfully targeting younger clients and/or
Selling lower cost plans with reduced benefits
One might expect that the vast majority of their sales occur without any agent intervention and the clients may only be looking at the deductible and premiums. The risk is that there are some pretty weak plans out there that have an attractive deductible and premium. These have the appearance of being a good value, until you look under the hood at the moving parts and discover the gaps and limitations.

However, clients may ultimately do themselves an injustice by not having the knowledge or time to examine the plan and make an informed choice. This is a very complicated product and while web sites are a useful resource for research and gathering information, clients really should try to work with a local Agent that is an expert in the field.

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