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Public Health Emergency’s End Also Means End to Health First Colorado’s Benefits Extension

May 12th, 2022 – Currently, the federal Public Health Emergency declared because of COVID is scheduled to end in mid-July, although the federal government must give 60 days written notice beforehand and has not done so yet.  With rising COVID rates, it seems likely there could be another delay in ending the Public Health Emergency.  

Whenever it happens, the official end of the pandemic will be good news for most, but it also means the end of coverage for some on Health First Colorado, whose benefits were extended because of the Public Health Emergency, even though they no longer qualified.

Nationally, Medicaid enrollment increased by roughly 25% due to the extension of benefits to those who would have normally lost Medicaid benefits due to ineligibility.  Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that this could cause between 5.3 and 14.2 million people to lose Medicaid, when the Public Health Emergency ends. 

The good news is that the loss of Medicaid is a Qualifying Event that will trigger a 60 day Special Enrollment Period.  Also, many people whose incomes increased to where they’re no longer eligible for Medicaid (Health First Colorado) will become eligible for sizable federal tax credits through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace that will reduce monthly health insurance premiums, making health insurance much more affordable. 

Colorado Health Insurance Brokers serves businesses and individuals across Colorado. Our Agents are Certified with Connect for Health Colorado and can help individuals transition from Health First Colorado to private insurance and get any federal tax credits clients are eligible for through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace.  Get a Free Personal Health Insurance Quote today!

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