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Rate Hikes Signal That Reform is Needed

February 26th, 2010 – Anthem of California’s proposed rate hike that averaged 25% and was as high as of up to 39% for some has proven to be a lightening rod for the health care debate.   Both Democrats and Republicans understand that these types of rate hikes are not sustainable year after year.   But what is really interesting is how the 2 sides view this.

Many Democrats view the rate hike as proof that the Senate Health Reform Bill should be passed. While many Republicans view the rate hike as evidence of what is to come if the Health Reform Bill does pass, since they feel the current Health Bill does not sufficiently address cost containment.

After watching yesterday’s Bipartisan Meeting on Health Reform it is clear to me that there were a number of points that both sides agreed on, including that some type of reform is needed.

Therefore the sensible solution is to draft a new bill that contains the core elements that both sides agreed on and make sure it includes cost containment strategies to stop run away health insurance premium increases, cost effective solutions for people with pre-existing conditions, tort reform, compensate docs for promoting healthy behavior, improved price transparency so consumers can see what medical services cost up front and continued support of consumer driven health plans like HSA’s.

Let’s here from you Colorado!  Do you think that President Obama is serious about considering new ideas to improve the Health Reform bill?  Do you think the current bill is good enough or what changes would you like to see?  Click on the “Comments” link below to share your opinion.

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