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Resource for Colorado’s Unemployed

April 8th, 2009 – A group of local Colorado residents directly affected by job loss built a new web site to help others in the same situation.  That web site is joblessguide.net.   Joblessguide.net is a prime example of how even people facing challenging circumstances can use their knowledge and creativity to be a blessing to others.

Joblessguide.net provides a wealth of information on topics that include:

  • When, where and how to file for unemployment
  • How to find a job with links to job boards and interviewing tips
  • Information to help those considering self employment
  • Continuing education to help those that need to change careers
  • Information on personal finances
  • Public assistance information and resources
  • Information on health care

Joblessguide.net was recently featured on Denver’s CBS Channel 4 News.  Whether you want to go there to learn from others experiences or share some tips you have learned through your personal experiences this is a web site worth exploring if you are currently between jobs.

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