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Universal Health Care

The health insurance industry is raising the bar by introducing their own Universal Health Care proposal. America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), has released a plan that they say offers universal health care and reduces costs by 30% while increasing quality and improving portability.

Senator Edward Kennedy’s spokesman confirmed that they had been working with the insurance companies and that “the insurance industry has advanced serious proposals that deserve serious analysis and consideration.”

The proposal provides a commitment by the insurance carriers to guarantee coverage for all individuals without regard to pre-existing conditions in conjunction with an enforceable government mandate that all Americans get health insurance. The proposal would expand Medicaid and the CHIP programs as well as provide tax credits to help more lower income families afford or obtain health insurance coverage.

Critics have said that AHIP was in opposition to health care reform under Hillary Clinton, so there are some trust issues that need to be worked through.

President Elect Barack Obama has said that health services reform should be a key item on Congresses agenda in January.

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