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Health Reform Takes Unilateral Slant

March 21st, 2009 – House Democrats are wielding their majority power, giving their Republican counterparts until September to reach a compromise on health care reform legislation.

Should the Republicans not be willing to play ball, House Democrats are prepared to present the bill under budget reconciliation. Under budget reconciliation this would protect the health care reform bill from the threat of being filibustered. This would allow the Democrats to push the bill through without any support from Republicans or the support of more conservative House Democrats.

The health care reform movement is directed at providing coverage for for some of the uninsured in America. However, the final details on the final health reform bill will come to light in the coming months.

Larger than anticipated deficits are a threat to the scope of the health reform movement, which may ultimately be forced to focus on cost reductions rather than expansion of health coverage benefits. However, this may not be all bad as it is the underlying health services cost drivers that are the root cause of escalating health insurance premiums and high premiums are a major factor for those Americans without health insurance coverage.

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