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Obama’s New Health Team

After following through with nominating Govenor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas to be secretary of health and human services, President Obama also announced the appointment of Nancy-Ann DeParle as counselor to the president and director of the White House Office for Health Reform.

Kathleen Sebelius appears to be an excellent choice as she is battle tested with helping see Kansas through some troubling budget issues, managing the state’s Medicaid program and she also served as the head of the Division of Insurance in Kansas for 8 years. Ms. Sebelius has a celebrated ability to work with both sides of the aisle to accomplish her goals.

Also an insider, Ms. DeParle ran the agency that oversaw Medicare and Medicaid during the Clinton years. More recently, she was managing director of the private equity firm, CCMP Capital and also served as a board member Boston Scientific, Cerner and Medco Health Solutions. Ms. DeParle has degrees both from Harvard and Oxford.

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