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New Cost Saving Tool for Anthem Members

People “in the know” understand that costs for medical procedures can vary wildly from one provider to another, even in the same area. In metro Denver, an MRI of the spine can cost $370 from one provider and $4,319 from another. That is a difference of nearly $4,000!

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield just announced their free new service for Anthem members called “Anthem Care Comparison.” Anthem Care Comparison is an online tool that let’s Anthem members access cost data on medical procedures from different hospitals and medical facilities in Colorado.  

Anthem Care Comparison provides the total estimated costs of nearly 40 medical procedures and includes both professional and facility services to give Anthem’s members a more accurate estimate of the total cost of a given procedure. The costs are based on Anthem’s negotiated contracted rates and claims history to help members easily compare prices from different providers.

Colorado’s Anthem members can also access quality metrics about local hospitals and medical facilities, including quantity of patients treated, complication rates, average duration of stay and mortality rates.

Anthem Care Comparison is available for people that have both Anthem individual and employer sponsored group health insurance plans in Colorado.  Please follow the links to request information on Anthem individual and employer sponsored group  health insurance plans.

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