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Some Holiday Cheer

With the recession looming over the holiday season, one area of holiday cheer is the prospect of trimming costs on health insurance premiums.

It is a good idea to periodically check the marketplace to see if there might be a better value on another plan with your existing health insurance carrier, as well as investigate options from other health insurance companies.

Beware of going online and simply shopping the rates. Insurance company marketers have been busy cutting away core benefits and using low premiums, deductibles and copays as bait to attract new customers, as they know those are the things that most consumers look at first. However, to make sure your change is a good one, it is imperative that you dig deeper and understand the plans strong and weak points.

Remember, at the end of the day health insurance is not there to insure the common cold. While copays are nice its most important function is to provide a quality financial stop gap in the event of serious illness or injury. You might ask yourself how well the plan would work in a variety of “what if” type situations. You also want to be sure they have a good quality network that will work for you at home and when you travel for business or pleasure.

It need not be a time consuming chore, which is a good thing since time is short during the busy holiday season. If you contact your local health insurance broker they should be more than willing to investigate the various options for you. In Colorado, this service will be provided at no cost or mark up by a quality health insurance broker.

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