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Marketing for Colorado’s Exchange Underway

Marketing for Colorado's Exchange UnderwayAugust 9th, 2013 – You may have seen the new television ads promoting Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado’s new health insurance exchange. Connect for Health Colorado has received about $180 million in federal money and is to be up and running by Oct. 1st.

“Contractors have almost completed work on the portal,” said Patty Fontneau, executive director of Connect for Health Colorado. “Testing is under way to make sure it will function properly when it opens for business in just two months.”

“Will it be perfect?” Ms. Fontneau said. “Unlikely, but we have the right team in place to ensure that we’re going to be open and running, and as close to perfect as could be, on Oct. 1.”

The insurance carriers who will offer a sub-set of available plans through the exchange are still waiting for their rate filings to be approved by the Colorado Division of Insurance. Although the exchange will open on October 1st, the plan’s earliest effective dates will start on January 1st, 2014.

Governor John Hickenlooper said he would lend his voice to the publicity campaign if people thought it would help, adding that he was “nervous as a cat” about making sure the marketplace succeeded.  “We’ll do whatever it takes,” he said. “I’ll ride around the state on a bicycle if I have to.”

As a side note, Colorado Health Insurance Brokers’ staff are in training to become certified brokers for Connect for Health Colorado.   The classes and certification should be completed before the exchange opens on October 1st, 2013.   Colorado Health Insurance Brokers will be able to help both individual and small business clients review all the plan options both inside and outside the exchange.   As always, there is absolutely no extra cost or mark-up for Colorado Health Insurance Brokers’ services.

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