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Good News for Colorado’s 2018 Health Insurance Market

Colorado Health Insurance Webinar TonightJune 23rd, 2017 – Colorado citizens received some wonderful news yesterday when Colorado Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar announced that all of the insurance companies that offered health insurance in 2017 will staying in the Colorado individual health insurance markets in 2018.

The Division of Insurance head reported that 12 carriers had filed to sell plans in 2018 and 7 of them will sell plans through the Connect for Health Marketplace where income eligible Colorado residents can get tax credits to reduce health insurance premiums.   There is at least one carrier offering health insurance in all counties in Colorado.

This is tremendously good news, as other states like Ohio, Indiana and Missouri are struggling with major health insurance carriers leaving their states, in part or in whole.

Earlier this week, Colorado’s Insurance Commissioner said, “If the current version or even a close version of the AHCA passes, we’re probably going to have to go back to square one.  Hopefully whatever changes happen will not happen until 2019 or 2020.  We’re just cautiously watching to see what happens.  I’m glad that they are going to release copies of the bill on Thursday so we can know what we’re up against.”

Colorado Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar said that the Division of Insurance is reviewing the proposed 2018 health insurance plans and premiums and will make them public July 14, 2017.

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